Tekoa Farms

Tekoa Farms was founded by Mira Weigensberg and Oren Kessler in 1986. They specialize in cultivation of high quality fruits and vegetables. Tekoa Farms is located not far from the ancient palace of King Herod on Mount Herodion, and has an unforgettable view. The hills of the desert lay on one side while lush greenery can be seen on the other.

“Since its founding, Tekoa Farms has endeavored to broaden its range of unique food items for the Israeli table, to achieve the highest standards and respond to growing demand from our customers for natural and healthy food… Today, thanks to wide variety, easy availability and low prices, “our treasures” can be found in almost every kitchen in Israel.”

Piquant Soup

By Tekoa Farms


4 diced cloves of garlic
2 thinly diced shallots
2 teaspoons of thinly diced ginger root
4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
thinly diced scallions
a handful of bean sprouts,
3 tablespoons of diced cilantro
1 teaspoon of lemon/lime juice
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 spicy pepper, diced




  1. Soak the mushroom mix in a cup of hot water for about ½ an hour.
  2. Fry the garlic over a low flame until light brown, add the shallots and ginger and continue to fry until the garlic
    becomes dark brown but not burned.
  3. Add the chicken/vegetable broth.
  4. Drain and squeeze the water out of the mushrooms and add to the soup. (Save the mushroom liquid)
  5. Add the mushroom liquid and bring to a simmer for a few minutes; season with lemon and salt to taste.
  6. In a serving bowl arrange green onions, hot peppers, sprouts and cilantro and pour the soup into the bowl.

*It is recommended to add rice noodles to the soup that have been soaked in cold water an hour previously.

"A Taste of the Heartland"

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