Lev HaOlam sends monthly packages to subscribers all around the world with the goal of connecting Israel supporters to the pioneers in Judea and Samaria. Each package creates an unbreakable bond with the families that stand on the frontlines of the Jewish people’s return to their homeland.

Lev HaOlam uses your funds to purchase as many products as possible, from companies suffering from BDS. As a subscriber you will receive a monthly package filled with products produced in Judea and Samaria. These products are uniquely crafted by dedicated Jewish pioneers from the hills of Israel’s biblical heartland.

Your subscription is the best way to ensure the artisans, craftsmen, and farmers of the biblical heartland get the sales they need to sustain their businesses and communities.

The Lev HaOlam team carefully selects a variety of products to fill your monthly package.  Specific products vary from package to package, but the items Lev HaOlam chooses consist of boutique chocolates, sweets, olive oil, tea, cosmetics, wine, dried fruits, artisan ceramics and Judaica. Your package forms a direct connection between you and the producers that make it happen.

The packages are sent at the beginning of each month. Subscriptions received up until the final day of the month, will be shipped during the first week of the following month. *Example: All registrations between July 1st –July 31st will be shipped during the first week of August.

Tracking information is usually available around the 5th of each month (after the packages have been shipped).  Feel free to email us at Support@LevHaOlam.com and we will be more than glad to send you your tracking information.

All of the food items we buy are packaged items and are purchased from other companies located in Judea and Samaria. We do not produce any of the food ourselves.

All of the items we include in our boxes are certified kosher under different rabbinical supervisions. Some of the supervisions of our products include the following:

Badatz Eidah Charedit
Badatz Beit Yosef
Mehadrin Rav Avraham Rubin
Mehadrin Rav Eliyahu Abba Shaul
Mehadrin Rav Eliezer Altschuler
Hashgachat Rav Dov Lior
Badatz Iggud Rabbanim
Rabbi Y. Abba Shaul – Gush Etziyon
Rabbi S. Drori – Kiryat Shmonah
Orthodox Union

Lev HaOlam does our best to provide high standard kosher items in our packages.

Additionally, we are always on the lookout for new items to include, so the supervisions will not always be the same as listed, but they will be of similar standards.

If you are concerned with the level of Kashrut of your package, please contact our team about receiving an all Mehadrin Package.

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