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We continue to support Israel. Due to the war, shipments may be delayed. Your support is vital.

Dear supporters,

Israel is facing a murderous war of terror, marking its gravest challenge in the past 70 years.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip have invaded Israel, killing hundreds, injuring thousands, and kidnapping people, including women and children. We are in mourning but united.

Members of Lev Haolam and our partners were drafted into service. In their absence, we're redoubling our efforts to support those who remain on the home front. We continue to work, collect and ship boxes.

Your support and solidarity, as we navigate this tragedy, means the world to us.

Due to a temporary halt in air traffic, you may experience delays, but rest assured your parcel will arrive!

In times like these, it's evident that we're more than just a community; we're family. As part of the family, our combined strength will pull us through.

Thank you for your support. We'll keep you posted on what's happening here.

Stay strong. Stay connected. Stay with Israel!

Meet the pioneers

Meet our local Jewish business owners and discover their personal stories
Itamar Perfumes
From the outset Shimon’s mission has been to produce all natural deodorants, perfumes, and creams. He studied and collected thousands of plants and established a laboratory. Itamar Perfumes achieved what no one thought they could and today manufactures a wide range of products, all natural.
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Fashion and Design Studio
Yael Rozmarin opened her design studio at home in Kfar Admumim. She has been making clothing since she was 15 and then studied industrial design at the Shenkar School of Design.
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Boutique Candle Maker
Olga Alievsky, who is the proud mother of 6 children, produces beautiful hand crafted candles in Tekoa, in Judea.
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Shlomo Keshet opened Saboneto in 2013 in Kochav Hashachar, half an hour North of Jerusalem in the Benyamin Region. Saboneto has a wide variety of all-natural and organic soaps with healing properties and many benefits.
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Sde Bar
Based in the community of Nokdim, just South of Jerusalem, at the foot of Herodian, Sde Bar Farms was originally established in 2009 to help at-risk youth through farming. Over the years, Sde Bar has expanded to include the production of goat cheese, jams, olive oil, olives, herbal tea and pomegranate juice.
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Ceramics by Batya
Batya has been working with clay for over 18 years. She is a mother of five who lives and runs her studio from the community of Itamar in Samaria. She teaches workshops for all ages as well as special needs groups. She has also opened a gallery of her products in Itamar.
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Chagit Shechter opened Chaguta – Happy Designs in 2011 in the Gush Etzion region just South of Jerusalem. Chaguta focuses on home and kitchen accessories as well as Judaica products.
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Gift of Nature
Shlomit Cohen started Gift of Nature Cosmetics after teaching a group of boys about natural herbs and plants that grow outside their home in Bat Ayin. After their mother’s called Shlomit for more of the cream she had made with the youth group, she was encouraged to start her business.
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Holy Cacao
Jo Zander opened the Holy Cacao factory in 2009 in the Har (hills of) Hebron region, minutes away from Hebron. Jo is a former New Jerseyan (US) and fourth-generation baker.
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Shoresh Body & Soul
In just ten years, Nicole Yehezkel has changed her life in all ways possible. She moved from Florida to Israel, from school to the IDF, became religious, moved to a community in Judea and Samaria, and started her own business. She sells natural cosmetics and medicinal products from Israeli-grown materials – herbs, oils and flowers.
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Composer, A Melody from the Heart
Eliezer Rosenfeld is a professional recorder player who has produced multiple records. Eliezer, a twice bereaved father, who lost one son in a flooding accident and the other to terrorists says that his music helps him cope with his pain and allows him to have hope for the future.
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Studio Nekudotayim
Naama has an eye for graphic design. The name of the business she started is Studio Nekudotayim, which offers design, design strategy, marketing, and branding.
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These are just a few suppliers from all those we've been helping
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What's inside each package?

The areas of Israel known as Judea and Samaria are comprised of big cities and small villages alike. Generally speaking, the areas of Israel referred to as belonging to Judea lie to the south of Jerusalem and the areas belonging to Samaria are north. Below you can find a list of some of its thriving communities.
Maale Adumim / Kfar Adumim / Beitar Illit / Abigail / Adora / Ahijah / Alon Shvut / Avnat / Bat Ayin / Beit Hagai / Beit Horon / Beit Yatir / Carmel / Efrat / Elazar / Eshkolot / Gvaot / Har Gilo / Ibei HaNahal / Karmei Tzur / Kedar / Kiryat Arba / Kfar Eldad / Kfar Etzion / Livne / Maale Amos / Ma'ale Hever / Maon / Metzad / Migdal Oz / Mitzpe Asael / Mitzpe Hagit / Mitzpe Shalem / Mitzpe Yeriho / Negohot / Neve Daniel / Nofei Prat / Nokdim / Otniel / Pnei Kedem / Rosh Tzurim / Sansana / Shima / Susia / Tekoa / Telem / Teneh
Ariel / Adei Ad / Alei Zahav / Almog / Alon / Almon / Amichai / Argaman / Ateret / Avnei Hefetz / Barkan / Beit HaArava / Bekaot / Bruchin / Dolev / Einav / Eli / Elkana / Elon Moreh / Esh Kodesh / Etz Efraim / Geva Binyamin (Adam) / Gilgal / Gitit / Givat Harel / Givat Ze'ev / Givon HaHadasha / Halamish / Hamra / Har Adar / Har Bracha / Havat Gilad / Harasha / Hashmonaim / Hemdat / Hermesh / Hinanit / Itamar / Kalia / Kedumim / Keida / Kfar HaOranim / Kfar Tapuach / Kiryat Netafim / Kochav HaShahar / Kochav Yaakov / Maale Levona / Maale Mikhmas / Maale Shomron / Maskiot / Masua / Matityahu / Mehola / Mekhora / Mevo Dotan / Mevo Horon / Mevoot Yericho / Migdalim / Migron / Mitzpe Dani / Mitzpe / Modiin Illit / Kramim / Naale / Nahliel / Naomi / Neria / Netiv HaGdud / Neve Erez / Nili / Niran / Nofei Nehemiah / Nofim / Ofra / Oranit / Peduel / Petzael / Psagot / Rehelim / Reihan / Revava / Rimonim / Roi / Rotem / Salit / Shaarei Tikva / Shadmot Mehola / Shaked / Shavei Shomron / Shiloh / Shvut Rachel / Tal Menashe / Talmon / Tomer / Tzofim / Vered Yeriho / Yafit / Yakir / Yitav / Yitzhar
* Attention: All locations are approximate.
Please contact us directly if you would like to come to our office or warehouse for a visit.
Partner with Lev Haolam
Now you can see why Judea and Samaria is the heartland of the Jewish people! Please support the artisans and businesses who are working to fight the boycott and strengthen the Jewish presence in the region.
Biblical Judea & Samaria
Many of the biblical stories take place in this region, hence why it is the "heartland" of the Jewish people.

Judea and Samaria (In Hebrew it is Yehudah v'Shomron) spans over the territory once designated by ancient Israeli Kingdoms. These names came about after the Assyrian conquest of the Northern Israelite Kingdom and the Southern Kingdom of Judah, circa 721 BCE. The Assyrians drove out the residents and through forced resettlement, occupying the former Kingdom of Israel with a group pf people named the Samaritans, of which the name "Samaria" is derived from. During the Roman period, the name of the Kingdom of Judah was Hellenized to Judea.
Historical Sites
Some of the Historical Sites in Judea and Samaria:

Beit El / Bethlehem / Har Bracha / Hebron / Herodian / Jerusalem / Rachel's Tomb / Kasser al-Yehud / Shilo